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Call for Papers EAA 2020 Budapest 26th-30th August

Call for Papers EAA 2020 Budapest 26th-30th August

Session: #261 Archaeology of Central Places in Europe: Power, Christianity and Funeral Rituals

Theme & Session Format


6. Embedded in European archaeology: the Carpathian Basin

Session format:

Regular session

Title & Content


Archaeology of Central Places in Europe: Power, Christianity and Funeral Rituals



Central places played an important role in Early Middle Ages from political, religious, economic and social point of view. The theme is not a new one, but in the last 20 years the subject has been developing and a large amount of information has been provided by the archaeological research. It will be interesting to have an overview of the state of the art of archaeological research in Central and South East Europe related to places such Pohansko, Mikulcice (Czech Republic), Gars-Thunau (Austria), Nitra, Bojna (Slovakia), Zalavar, Szekesfehervar, (Hungary), Dabaca, Cluj-Mănăștur, Alba Iulia (România), Pliska, Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) i.e., and not just to them. The archaeology of central places has provided us very interesting information regarding Christianization of the funeral rituals and the spread of the Christianity among the populations from the Eastern part of Europe.


Our scope is to put together specialists from all over Europe and debate topics such as:
– What means a central place in the early middle ages?
– Did Christianization play any role in the development of such central places?
– Can the Christianization of funeral rituals, in Central Europe, be linked with the missions of Cyril and Methodius?
– When can we talk about the first apparition of churches, in urban or rural area?



Cetral Places, Christianity, Funeral Rites, Early Middle Ages Archaeology, Europe


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Main organiser:

Ioan Marian Tiplic (Romania) 1


Tomislav Fabijanić (Croatia) 2
Zbigniew Robak (Slovakia) 3


  1. ”Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu
  2. University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia
  3. Institute of Archaeology, Slovak Academy of Sciences


Call for contributions ends on Thursday 13 February 2020, 23:59 CET.