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Diversity of Identities in Prehistory, Early History and Presence

Diversity of Identities in Prehistory, Early History and Presence


Institute of Archaeolog SAS, Nitra

Akademická 2, 94921 Nitra, Slovakia

29.-30. 10. 2018

The archaeology of personal identities has firmly established age, gender and status as relevant categories of investigation.

In 2016 we organized a workshop in Klement-Oberleis in Lower Austria under the topic of “Multiple femininities – multiple masculinities: the diversity of gendered identities in the Bronze and Iron Ages”. This year, as the final act of the SASPRO Project “Male Identities in La Tène Cemeteries in the Middle Danube Area”, it is time to expand the field from prehistory also to early history and our present days. Next to different “archaeological identities”, we want to ask about “Identity of archaeology”, hence the identity of archaeologists.

Preliminary Programme