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The Cuman-Qïpchaq Tribal Community in the Age of the Mongol Onslaught

konstantin_lectureFor almost two centuries the Cuman-Qïpchaq Tribal community enjoyed an unchallenged domination over the steppes of Western Eurasia, which became to be known as the Cuman Field (Dasht-i Qipchāq, Pole Polovetskoe, Cumania). However, this favorable situation dramatically changed in the first decades of the 13th c., when the advancing Mongol armies started a series of campaigns aimed at the subjugation of the numerous nomadic inhabitants of the Cuman Field. Motivated by their project for pan-nomadic empire and worried by the possible repercussions of the stubborn Cuman-Qïpchaq resistance among other steppe dwellers, the Chinggisids put every effort to impose their authority over these tribes.

The present lecture of Dr. Konstantin Golev, researcher from the Institute of History of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and adjoin researcher from the St. Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia, will examine the contrast models of behavior, adopted by the various Cuman-Qïpchaq groupings in the face of the inevitable Mongol menace.

The lecture will take place on February 14 2018 at 14.00 in the SAS Institute of Archaeology, Akademická 2 in Nitra.