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Activities in year 2018

Theoretical works. First of all, three monographical studies are in the stage of finishing: „Perished medieval village in Nededza – catalogue“, „Archaeological topography of medieval and modern age villigae settlement of Kysuce region“ and „Early medieval hillfort Veľký vrch in Divinka“. Seven studies were submitted for publishing and the results of the project were presented at four regional and international conferences.

Hillfort Veľký vrch in Divinka. Sixth season of research at the locality and its surroundings was concluded this year. Excavations of the gate defending the hillfort from the side of the Váh valley continued in the location Veľké Salašky. Ramparts were excavated at the location Lovišky.

Medieval stronghold in Divinka. First phase of excavations were concluded in the locality Hradisko. Except the classical archaeological works was concluded geophysical survey and the site was geodetically measured.

Lidar scanning and survey. Spatial scanning of the chosen parts of the Kysuce region continued, untill now, area of  286 km² was scanned. Relicts of ancient settlement and traces of human intervention in nature found on thusly gathered maps were checked up in the cadasterd of villages Svrčinovec, Čierne, Skalité, Oščadnica and Klubina.