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The Študijné zvesti AÚ SAV Journal


General editors: doc. PhDr. Gertrúda Březinová, CSc., Mgr. Alena Bistáková, PhD.

Publisher: Archeologický ústav SAV, Akademická 2, 949 21 Nitra

Adress: Archeologický ústav SAV, Akademická 2, 949 21 Nitra

Phone : (+421/037) 6410051 Fax : (+421/037) 73356 18


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The Študijné zvesti AÚ SAV journal publishes studies focused on the topics of archaeology from prehistory to the Middle Ages, anthropology, archaeobotany, archaeozoology, archaeometry, geophysics, numismatics, applied geodetic and 3D methods. Published works deal with results of field archaeological activities (investigations, surveys, aerial archaeology), analyses, preliminary and partial evaluations, methodology, and registers of sites and finds.

The journal offers publishing space for the diploma works and MA theses in the field of archaeology and fields of science with relation to archaeology from the defined scope of interests of the journal that are beneficial for scientific research. In addition to regular issues, some issues are monothematic – they are a platform for publishing contributions or abstracts from conferences (e.g. Archaeological Prospection – issue no. 41/2007) or outputs from grant projects (e.g. CEVNAD project – no. 57-58/2015).

The journal has a long tradition. Its first issue was published in 1957. In first 50 years (1957-2006), 40 issues of the Študijné zvesti AÚ SAV journal altogether were published. It appeared irregularly, when the content of individual issues was filled. It often played the role of proceedings from conferences. In 2007, the journal became a periodical and started to be issued twice a year. Its design changed (hardback, quality paper, colour illustrations), which undoubtedly contributed to higher quality of the presented information. Since issue 42/2007, the journal has been peer-reviewed. The published studies receive citations mainly from east Central Europe, less frequently from other parts of Europe.

Since 2013, the journal has been listed in the Central European Journal of Social Science and Humanities (CEJSH) database, which contains data since 2005.

The creators of ŠZ AÚ SAV are fully identified with the principles according to the document Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement by the Študijné zvesti AÚ SAV Journal.


The current structure of the journal

Each article in the journal (with exception of short reports on grant projects with specific structure) contains abstracts in Slovak and English languages (between 300 and 350 words, since issue 42/2007), key words in Slovak and English (since issue 30/1994), the main text in Slovak, Czech, German, English, rarely – especially in older volumes – Russian or French languages, resume in German, English, in older volumes also in Russian or French (its extent is 10-15% of the text’s length), bibliography and figures; since issue 33/1999, addresses of authors are stated. For the article to be published, it is necessary to submit a signed Author’s Declaration (Single-author declaration, Multiple-authors declaration).

Reviewing process

The journal has been reviewed since issue 42/2007. Each expert and scientific study is evaluated by the editorial board first, then it is reviewed by two reviewers. The reviewing process was open until issue 58/2015, since issue 59/2016 it is being elaborated as a double blind review. The basic step of the reviewing process is to fill in the review form by the reviewer, which can be – according to the reviewer’s opinion, mainly in problem works with numerous critical notes – complemented with comments on disputable passages directly in the manuscript. The reviewing process is conducted in accordance with the principles of Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement by the Študijné zvesti AÚ SAV Journal.

Editorial Board (SK/EN)
Publikačná etika a vyhlásenie o neprijateľnom konaní časopisu Študijné zvesti AÚ SAV (SK),
Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement by the Študijné zvesti AÚ SAV Journal (EN)

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Current issue

Študijné zvesti 65, 2019


Zoja Benkovsky-Pivovarová

Zum Vorčaka-Horizont in der Südwestslowakei

Jana Mihályiová – Vladimír Mitáš

Macroremains of Cultivated Plants in Burials from the Urnfield Period in Cinobaňa

Noémi Beljak Pažinová – Ladislav Chmelo

The Settlement from the Late Bronze Age in Detva, Lúčna štvrť (Meadow District) Site

Jozef Bujna

“Chained by her Destiny” – the Grave of a Female with a Toddler at the La Tène Cemetery in Nitra-Mlynárce

Lucia Ježišková – Karol Pieta

The LaTène Hillfort in Stupné

Rastislav Rusnák

New Archaeological Sources Associated with Settlement of Košice Suburbs  in the Middle Ages and Early Postmedieval Period

Zuzana Borzová – Martin Borza

Documentation of Terrain Relics of Fortified Settlements in the Kostolianska kotlina Basin and its Wider Surroundings by Means of Modern Methods

Zora Bielichová – Marián Samuel – Karol Hensel

Fish and Fasting in the Zobor Monastery in Nitra in the Light of  Archaeozoological Evidence 

Mário Bielich – Marián Soják

Clay Pipes from Spiš Region

Jozef Hudec – Michal Cheben – Branislav Kovár

Research at Duweym Wad Haj in the Sudan in 2017 and 2018 Seasons


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