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Process and regularities of settlement development in mountain and foothill regions of Western Slovakia

Responsible person: Igor Bazovský/Gertrúda Březinová

Project duration:  1.7.2016 / 30.6.2020

Registration number: APVV-15-0491

Coordinator: Slovak National Museum

Cooperating organization: Institute of Archaeology of Slovak Academy of Science


Slovak National Museum: Bazovský, I., Bartík J., Čambal, R., Ďurkovičová, E., Farkaš, Z., Turčan, V.

Institute of Archaeology of SAS: Březinová, G., Benediková, L., Bielichová, Z., Blažová, E., Ďuriš, J., Kovár, B.


Key words: Western Slovakia, prehistory and early historical period, proces and regularities of settlement development, mountain and foothill regions, communications, interdisciplinary outputs

P1270962Understanding and comparison of regularities of settlement development within mountain and foothill regions of Western Carpathians within Western Slovakia during prehistory and early historical period. Understanding and comparison of settlement structure and recognition of settlement differencies in both landscape
types. Definition of turning points of settlement development and (for early historical period) an attempt of their correlation with known historical events. Systematic sampling of selected finding complexes and sites for the needs of absolute chronology as well as other cooperating disciplines with an objective to know and define raw material and environmental background within both investigated landscape types. Mapping the communication lines connecting individual microregions and regions within selected space as well as individual regions with neighbouring territories. On the territory of the Western Slovakia the followed objectives will be solved within the regions of Záhorie, Little Carpathians, middle Váh valley, middle and upper Nitra valley, and Danubian Lowland.