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Dynamics of the exploitation of silicate material resources during the Paleolithic and neolithic in the western Slovakia

Responsible person: Ivan Cheben

Project duration: 01.07.2015  30.06.2019

Registration number: APVV-14-0742

Coordinator: Institute of Archaeology of Slovak Academy of Science



Tracing the distribution of the silicate rock resources in the Stone Age provides an important tool for understanding the economics and mobility of individual societies during this period. Basic attribute of the study is the evaluation of chipped stone Industry and the determination of origins of the exploited resources, which occur in the ensemble of finds on the individual sites. When evaluating observed problems it is necessary to relate to the geological-petrographic analysis as well to consider the complex technological analysis of the stone silicate artifacts. The main aim of the proposed project is the study of a production technology and a typological analysis of the chipped stone Industry. Main goals consist of the determination of form and purpose of import of the material to the settlement, its transformation and the identification of an artifact. It is a product that was the purpose of its production. Information gathered from the individual sites can be compared within certain time frame, as well as between various time frames. Results can refer on the development of production technologies during the Stone Age, from the process of obtaining the material, the primary treatment and the distribution to the final usage in western Slovakia. The adaptation of populations is reflected in the organization of settlements and also in the means of obtaining of the material, which is closely related to cultural aspects.