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About us

Board of Directors:

Chairperson: doc. PhDr. Matej Ruttkay, CSc.

Members: Mgr. Lucia Benediková, PhD.

PhDr. Marián Soják, PhD.

PhDr. Klaudia Daňová, PhD.

Ing. Anna Šupová


Supervisory Board:

Ing. Iveta Červenková

PhDr. Jozef Labuda, CSc.

RNDr. Miroslav Morovics, CSc.


Internatiol Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Claus von Carnap-Bornheim, Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig, Nemecko

Prof. Dr. hab. Judyta Rodzinska-Nowak Universytet Jagielloński, Kraków, Poland

doc. PhDr. Luděk Galuška, CSc. Moravské zemské muzeum, Brno, Czech republic

PhDr. Pavel Kouřil, CSc. Archeologický ústav ČAV, v.v.i., Praha, Czech republic


History and statute of the IA SAS

The Institute of Archaeology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences was formed by the Presidency of Academy by a resolution dated on 26.10.1953 from the former State Archaeological Institute, which was established on 1.3.1939 in Martin. The Institute is based in Nitra.

The main role and tasks of the Institute of Archaeology SAS

  1. The Institute conducts scientific and research activities in the scientific discipline Archaeology and in related scientific disciplines. It effectively and creatively contributes to the resolution of theoretically challenging and in practise current scientific issues. The scientific and research activity is developed under the custom scientific and research program, objectives of the grant projects, international projects and individual tasks of creative employees. It helps to apply the achieved results to the public life in a form of the scientific and popularization and cultural-educational  activity.
  2. The Institute cooperates with workplaces of the related disciplines of the Academy, with Universities and research workplaces, both at home and abroad. It coordinates and methodically directs the thematic and rescue excavations in Slovakia.
  3. The Institute is a training centre in archaeology. It secures the preparation and education of aspirants for the individual needs and needs of other organisations. It administers activities of the Commission for dissertation and doctoral thesis in the given discipline.
  4. To realize the tasks, which arise from the thematic plan of the bilateral and multilateral agreements, it concludes agreements with the relevant domestic and foreign partners.
  5. It is editorially compiling and publishing: journal Slovenská archeológia, yearbooks Archeologické výskumy a nálezy na Slovensku, Štúdijne zvesti AU SAV, Východoslovensky pravek, monograph series Archaeologica Slovaca Monographiae, Acta interdisciplinaria Archaeologica, Archeologické pamätníky Slovenska, edition of the conference proceedings Communicationes and in cooperation with the National numismatic comity the almanac Slovenská numizmatika.