Roman Fort in Iža - Kelemantia


The first Roman fort on the left bank of the Danube in Iža - a bridgehead of the legionary fortress in Brigetio – was build during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD), during so called Marcomannic wars. This earth-and-timber fort was burned down during a unexpected Germanic attack shortly after it was build. 

During one of the Roman counteracts towards the end of the Marcomannic wars, several Roman military units temporarily camped in marching camps build in the proximity of at the time presumably already destroyed fort. 

On the ruins of the original earth-and-timber fort was, at the end of the of the 2nd century AD, build a new stone fort. 

During the war in the middle of the 3rd century AD was this fort strongly damaged. 

Large reconstruction works of the fort fortification system were undertaken in the 4th century AD, during the reign of the Constantine Dynasty. 

During the reign of the Emperor Valentinian I. ( 364-375 AD) was the fort renovated for the last time and probably very soon after his death it was destroyed and abandoned. 

At the end of the 4th and beginning of the 5th century AD, was the area of the fort occupied by mixed groups of local Germanic tribes and newcomers. After their departure was this area never reoccupied. 

In the proximity of the Roman fort area a small settlement with a cemetery was founded in the 10th century AD.


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