Roman Fort in Iža - Kelemantia

During the aerial survey in 1990 five temporary camps, situated in the fields west of Leányvár, were detected. The traces of their ditches were visible in the cereals as the light colour lines of rectangular shape with typically curved corners. They were protected only by a single ditch and were placed close to each other. They were of different sizes. The length was between 130-330 metres and their width varied between 90-200 metres. The size therefore fluctuated between 1 and 6,5 hectares. The short break of the ditches on all four sides of the camps shows the situation of the entrances. During the excavations, only 2-2,5 m wide and almost 2 m deep V-shaped ditches were found. Those were dug precisely and regularly, as if tracing a stencil. The infill of one of the ditches contained a denar of the Emperor Commodus, issued for his wife Crispina in years 178-180 AD. The situation of the camps suggest that they were build and existed simultaneously. The coin found dates them to the period of Marcomannic wars. It is highly probable, that shortly before the withdrawal of the long lasting war, the military units camped in these temporary camps on their way to or from the territory of Quadi.





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